Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's DAY!!!

Today I remember the Saint in whom I am named after.
I never understood why my father named me after St. Patrick. It was a surprise to my mother! She told me that she and my dad had decided to name me "Veronica" after the Saint who gave comfort to Jesus during His Way of the Cross....but when my mother was in recovery after delivery, my father walked in telling the doctor my name would be "Patricia."

What gave my father that inspiration? I've never really known. My mom didn't argue, and accepted it.

St. Patrick is a remarkable person. Sure, there is a lot of folklore surrounding him. But it's only because his life was so adventurous! Kidnapped in his youth by pirates and forced into slave labor, he finally escaped years later and traveled to England. It was there he became a priest. He was sent to Ireland, and conquered the land for Jesus Christ!

So, drink a toast of green beer to good St. Patrick this day with friends!

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