Thursday, August 9, 2012

A day that will live in infamy

August 9, 1945 at 11:02 a.m. Japanese time... "fat man" was released from a large aircraft flying over Nagasaki.  The bomb fell right on top of Urakami's Catholic Cathedral    ...dedicated to the Mother of God...

This is a significant point to make, because the parishioners had offered up their lives to end the war in Japan.  As a result of the dropping of this A-bomb, the Japanese military surrendered on August 15th, the feast of the Assumption.  I believe God accepted the offering of the parishioners, and His Holy Mother had a hand in interceding for their country.  Today, the Catholic community in Japan is a minority, but very strong. 

I've heard all the sides of the debate on the morality of such an act as this.  I know how brutal the Japanese military were to their enemies.  I know that there is much speculation on how millions more were expected to die if the Allies invaded the island.  But somehow, in the deep recesses of our can we ever justify unleashing such a monstrous weapon on humanity?   I've only come to grips with this act after hearing of these Japanese Catholics who prayed unceasingly for an end to this terrible war.  Their offering was made in courage and trust---an offering of great love --- love for their country, their heritage, and their people.  They offered up their lives willingly in the hope of a future without war.  Their love was more powerful than any megaton bomb could ever be.

"I realize the tragic significance of the atomic bomb... It is an awful responsibility which has come to us... We thank God that it has come to us, instead of to our enemies; and we pray that He may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes."
—President Harry S. Truman, August 9, 1945

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  1. We all, regardless of our nationality, are human beings - that's why A-bombs, as well as any other inhumane weapons, should be prohibited...

    Thank for an interesting post.