Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Prayer

Tonite I went to a talk on the power of prayer given by a Jesuit priest in San Antonio. He focused mainly on the Holy Rosary and various Chaplets. He began by asking us "what are the first words God speaks in the Bible?"

The answer is, "Let there be LIGHT."

The priest used that as an anthem of sorts, a victory chant, A COMMAND...he said that each individual on this earth has a very unique and powerful gift, in that we can speak to Our God and He listens to our cries for help. He said that God has blessed us with the "power of prayer" and prayer can be our weapon against satan, as well as our hope in this world of darkness. He said that God continues to COMMAND, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" AND WE MUST RESPOND. Each prayer lights up some dark corner of our world. Together, we, the Church Militant, can destroy the darkness, the hopelessness, the despair the world suffers from. WE can CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER...just with PRAYER!

He went through the history of the Rosary, as well as various chaplets. The one that I found most intriguing was the one imploring the Archangel Michael's help, as well as all the choirs of angels!

Later, I will posts in full all the chaplets this good priest shared with our community tonite.

In the meantime, I am going to use my time in prayer, and I won't be on as much as I have been in the past. PLEASE POST ANY PRAYER PETITIONS YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO PRAY FOR. If any are of sensitive subjects, you may private message me, and I will keep all matters confidential...

Tonite was a blessing. I was only invited to this event last nite...I had no idea of this...I know now that Our Lady was calling me to come, and as always, She leads us to Her Divine Son. I have been feeling very low these few weeks, because two of my favorite people are in danger of falling into sin with one another. I have been crying out to Our Lord for quick assistance in this matter, begging Our Lady for her powerful intercession. Tonite, I realize that we have many "weapons" and armor. We are called to pray for one another. I HAVE FAITH...I BELIEVE THAT OUR LORD WILL HEAR MY CRIES FOR HELP. Our prayers are powerful!! And together, we can change men's hearts and save souls!!!


God bless!

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